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issue on the table. >> reporter: the bigger issue involves 19-year-old max wade charged with two counts of attempted murder. the prosecutor was saying wade was willing to kill to get tthe he was infatuated with. >> i have friends call me, say, i saw your car on the freeway. believe it or not, there's more than one convertible lamborghini probably in northern california. people would call and we'd get reports. my attorney would hear about it. come to find out he was driving it, brave kid. >> reporter: max wade is on trial for stealing fieti's car in 2011 and accused of firing shots into a car in mill valley carrying a girl he was infatuated with and her boyfriend. according to the prosecutor, wade thought he was a celebrity and he allegedly carried out the crime just like he was in the movies. >> when he sees what he wants, he takes it. >> reporter: fieti took the stand for only five minutes telling the jury he owned the am geaney and confirmed he never gave anyone permission to drive it. wade's eyes locked on to fieti as he testified showing no emotion. f fiet ix making it clear his car
is not covered from the deductible.i]+p the verdict was announced, marin county teenager max wade has been found guilty on several this is wade inside the courtroom as a judge read the verdicts. thei] 19-year-old was found gui attempted murder for shooting at a car.t(çó > inside. the chef testified for the prosecutiont(ok earlier this we. investigators are looking forok @-stairwell at san francisco f general justçó dayst( before th body of a missing woman was foun$!9qáñrok the bodyjf of lynnçójf spalding found in an exterior stairwell.( the bodyjf of lynnçójf spalding found in an exterior stairwell.( supervisor someone was laying down below. the supervisor called sheriff's deputy and what happened after that is unclear. the man is wearingçó some sort hospital i.d. so now they're checking badges.t(xdok >> we've been working with law enforcement to interview all the anjrárr#t that day, you know,ñr really too try to discover who this person is and we haven't been able to do that yet. >> here's açó descriptionxd of persone1 they're looking for. an asian male 30 to 40 years old, 5'8
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2